Find Local Events to Keep Kids Active

If you are struggling to keep your kids active and make sure they get enough exercise, you might want to consider looking for some local events. These not only provide physical fitness for the kids, but can be more enjoyable as well.

Runs and Races

This is a really popular event that you can get your kids or your entire family involved in. There are many themed runs, like a Thanksgiving Trot that is usually a 5K, or runs for charity. Some runs are just a mile or a 5k, while there are slightly longer ones like 10ks. Then there are half marathons for the kids that are really into physical fitness. The great thing about these local runs is that they often donate proceeds to a charity or other worthy cause, so you are teaching your kids about philanthropy while also making sure they are getting enough exercise. It can also be a fun way to spend some time together as a family.

Farmer’s Markets and Street Fairs

Another collection of local events that could be good for getting your kids outside and more physically active is events like street fairs or farmer’s markets. This will vary based on where you live and what the population is. Some cities and towns will have a weekly farmer’s market in the morning on the weekend, which is great because the kids aren’t in school and you can bring them for some extra exercise. If it is close enough to your home, walk to the farmer’s market, then spend some time walking around the market as well. Plus, this is the perfect time to focus on their nutrition as well by stocking up on fresh produce from local farms.

Get Involved in Parades

You also might want to check out the parades in town. Instead of just watching the parades, see if you can get your kids involved in them. They will be doing a lot of walking for the parade, plus leading up to it when their group needs to practice for the parade. This is also something they can do if they are involved in a sport or other activity with their school. It is another fun way to get more physical activity, be involved in the community, and have great family time.Start keeping up with local events so that you can get your kids more involved with them.

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