The Best Superfoods For Your Immune System

When you start to work on building your immune system, you may choose to look at your diet as a first resort for change. You can change your overall eating habits and remove food items that slow your system down. If you are starting with your diet, then one thing you should consider is adding superfoods to help your immune system. Here are a few of the best and easiest superfoods to incorporate for your immune system.


Garlic is one of the leading superfoods you should add to your diet if you are trying to boost your immune system. Garlic is used to help with colds, flus, congestion, and infections. The key to this superfood is the ease you have in adding it to your diet. You can use minced garlic in your cooking, add it to sauces, and even make it into a tea if you need to get an immediate option for relief. You can find it in capsule form as well, though this may not give you the same benefit as raw garlic would.


Ginger is normally a superfood that is connected to stomach health and easing your stomach when you are nauseous. This superfood can also help with overall digestion. You may be wondering what the link to this and your immune system is. If you have poor digestion, sluggish digestion, or issues with ulcers that can cause your body to work overtime to combat the toxins. The part of your body that works the hardest in this case is the immune system. Ginger help soothe the stomach and helps the digestive tract move the toxins through which can take the pressure off your immune system and help boost it.


One of the issues many people list as a problem with their bodies is inflammation. Inflammation can make you feel achy and sometimes lead to illness from the pain and the body reacting to that pain through the immune system. Turmeric can be made into a paste and added to warm milk. This milk can then be taken on a daily basis to help reduce inflammation and to help the immune system focus on other issues in the body.


You may not think of a spice as being a superfood, but this spice or herb depending on how you refer to it can be vital. Basil offers massive healing properties to the body including soothing the stomach, nervous system, and reducing inflammation. All of these issues are connected directly to the immune system and how it reacts to the body. By using basil in green smoothies or as an additive in foods, you can help reduce issues in your nervous system and digestive system which in turn help to reduce the impact on your immune system. There is a misconception that superfoods can only be used one at a time or that you can somehow have too many. You can mix many superfoods to create the perfect balance for your diet, immune system, and healthy lifestyle. Just make sure you are focusing on what you need, such as an immune system boost, and you are using the appropriate superfoods for that issue.

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