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image/svg+xml what do I want to eat? Chinese spicy spices & herbs feeling like a tourist on a date feeling like saving money lost heaven lotus eatery yunnan guizhou long wait shan shi liu cool design maolago hunan ten ten bistro posh guyi xu ye fish head lazy di shui dong the one on wulumuqi lu sichuan liu tang men noodles hotpot peijie not that spicy suan cai yu tai'er date night peacock room very expensive yu zhi lan secret cheng yuping sichuan workshop really fucking spicy benzhen benlai not spicy western xinjiang ali skewers sapar xinjiang shaanxi roujiamo momo jia southern y's kitchen twist shanghainese snacks spring onion pancakes wang ji don't wait in line a da wait in line shengjian bao dong tai xiang in the middle style da hu chun fluffy style xiao yang's thin style xiaolongbao lai lai hairy crab fuchun classic intense jia jia din tai fung classic mild noodles spring onion oil jianguo 328 cejerdary hairy crab classic old jesse sanlin benbang guan for the eel cantonese royal garden tim ho wan dim sum & snacks portugese egg tarts KFC fancy lei garden imperial treasure seventh son loushang hotpot cha canting cha's hey hey northern yanqing lu dumplings four seasons dumpling king eat dumplings go to restaurant yaoji big iron pot dongbei ren Not Chinese koreatown drunken crab cold noodles shaved ice banchan to takeaway grilled meat gammiok pojeong wid café han chan qingchun asian southeast asian vietnamese pho and… banh mi bun cha avocado smoothie saigon mama bun cha cha the pho store passable thai home thai singa & malaysian OG creative bak kut teh pepper crab hainan chicken frankies place umaami song fa jumbo hainan five-star chicken rice korea not koreatown tons of greens wait in line delivery wings benjia botong sikdang kyochon japanese tonkatsu curry katsukura dr curry fried pork tianji jue'an tempura yakingtori high yaki toriyasu izakaya & grilled things american rolls secret sashimi hatsune haiyu sushi really expensive ochiyo sushi naramoto not asian south american ceviche colca other important food categories bread sourdough baguettes o'mills pain chaud ice cream & gelato salted caramel fresh fruit luneurs gelato dal cuore pizza american italian mamma mia homeslice sandwiches philly cheesesteak panino nostalgia cages subway spicy italian with extra hot peppers totino panino new york city deli noodles is it still good? i cant afford but i go anyway otto e mezzo frasca i can afford scarpetta atto primo european what to call it stefan stiller insanity i am rich ultraviolet taian table french crepes & galettes rac i & rac ii reliable & affordable steak frites and asparagus truffle brie and pate en croute steak frites and aspar- polux bistro le bec roast chicken with great potato puree for the skin heat dodu american diet dunkin donuts cheesecake factory popeyes mcdonalds french fries steak DIY australian beef us beef sams club costco burger on occasion actually british beef & liberty wolfgangs fast food smashed and intense soft and fluffy habit burger shake shack white castle