Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Boosting your immune system isn’t something that is reserved for colder months of the year. Anytime the seasons change you should boost your immune system. You should also keep it boosted off and on throughout the year as you make changes to your routine, your diet, or following a trip. When you are trying to boost your system, you may be inclined to grab an over the counter option, but those options have far too many preservatives and chemicals. There are natural ways to boost your immune system that you should consider first.

Citrus Fruits and Juicing

One of the immediate ways you can boost your immune system is to add citrus fruits to your daily routine. If you feel like you would have to add too many, then juicing is the way to go. All you have to do is add oranges, lemon, and some other citrus fruits and create a juice. If you want to boost the immune qualities that citrus provides then you should consider adding a tablespoon of raw honey. This won’t make the drink too sweet and it will give you not only the vitamins of the citrus, but the immune properties of the raw honey.

Replace Sugars with Raw Honey

Most people drink either hot coffee or hot tea at least once a day. In fact, most of the people who drink a hot drink tend to add sugar to the beverage. This can add up, especially when you are doing it a tablespoon at a time. In fact, it can derail your weight loss plans and it can damage the benefits you are trying to get from other immune boosting agents. Instead, use raw honey in place of sugar. With each tablespoon you are gaining more immune boosting properties and helping your digestive system remove toxins from your body that can cause bacteria and viruses.

One Vegan Meal a Day

You may not think about this as something that can help, but try to eat one vegan meal a day. This can be your juice in the morning or it can be your lunch or dinner. Just make sure that one full meal is 100% vegan. This will help you boost the fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as the nuts and oils that will boost your immune system and digestive properties. This will help keep your body going and help keep your energy up during immune degrading times of the year like cold and flu season. These are the three most common natural immune boosters. They are also the easiest to find and can be found in most stores, both general and health food based.

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