Try These Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies to Fight the Cold

One of the ways that many people try to boost their immune system is through the use of smoothies. The problem is, when a cold or flu hit, the smoothies may be left behind for other fluids. The time to really focus on smoothies for immune health is when a cold strikes. If you are trying to tackle a heavy hitting cold, then consider these fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Blueberry Hemp Smoothie

There are several reasons that you should try using these fruit based smoothie to help fight your cold. The hemp seeds in the smoothie give you Omega 3. That will help to reduce the inflammation throughout your body due to the cold symptoms. The blueberries give your body the antioxidants it will need to help your immune system fight the cold itself. You will also get the fiber you need to flush your system and get the toxins out of your digestive tract and body.

Coconut and Orange Smoothie

It is a no-brainer what the main benefit of this fruit cold fighting smoothie is. The oranges will give you the Vitamin C boost you will need. That being said, there are other benefits to this fruit based smoothie. The coconut oil that is in this smoothie will give you the antibacterial fighting properties that you will need to combat the cold. Coconut milk gives you the nutrients your body needs and some of the hydration. You can also add bananas to give your body a boost of potassium.

Green Goddess Smoothie

This smoothie is a go to for vegans and green smoothie lovers. With kale, spinach, banana, and cucumbers you are sure to get the hydration you need. You will also be getting the iron you need, potassium, and anti-inflammatory agents while boosting your vegetable intake.

Ginger Echinacea Smoothie

Sore throats are one of the leading complaints that some people have during a cold. You can combat that with this smoothie. The ginger will help soothe your stomach and aide in digestion. The Echinacea help your cells to combat bacteria and fight the cold while helping boost your immune system. You can add oranges to this smoothie to give a punch of Vitamin C as well.These smoothies can be added at the start of a day or can be used several times a day to help fight a cold at its source. Remember, these smoothies are designed with superfoods in mind that help combat the symptoms associated with fighting a cold. Though you can make adjustments to them, you should make adjustments that keep a superfood that fights cold symptoms in mind.

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